So, what is Ecoearth?

Simply put, Ecoearth is a multipurpose cleaner & disinfectant which is 300 times stronger than bleach whilst being as gentle as water, the formula is made with natural ingredients and if I do say so myself, should be in the running for product of the century!!

And what is the mission?
To phase out the use of bleach and many other everyday cleaning products we use that contain harmful chemicals!

The uses and benefits of Ecoearth Hypochlorous are astounding.
Ecoearth Hypochlorous can be used in a huge variety of ways and in a vast number of sectors for a number of reasons:

Ecoearth Hypochlorous kills germs in seconds. Our HOCl has been certified to have a kill rate in 60 seconds but in additional trials it has been proven to work in less than 10 seconds.

POWER: Ecoearth Hypochlorous is over 300 times more powerful than bleach. Our pure HOCl at 150ppm packs the same power as bleach at 500ppm.

GENTLENESS: despite being significantly more powerful than bleach, HOCl is as gentle as water with a neutral pH meaning it is super kind to skin,and is safe to use around kids and pets.

COST: simply put, Ecoearth Hyphochlorous replaces a multitude of cleaning products, an effective formula that out-performs bleach and many other everyday cleaning products – saving you money and reducing plastic consumption in the process – a ‘one bottle’ replaces all solution!

CLEAN and GREEEN: the bio-degradable nature of HOCl is what gives it it’s green credentials. It simply breaks down to water and salt leaving no nasties and featuring no hazard warnings on its labels. In fact, Ecoearth Hypochlorous can be used in food production and processing without the need to rinse.

Ecoeaearth – ‘cleaning our planet with care’

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